Label Cantroll (earlier Cuntroll) — music label involved in trip-hop, downtempo, chill-hop, lo-fi and abstract hip-hop releases. The label produces the most interesting material sent from both young and mature musicians. The resident team includes more than 60 bands and artists from all over the world. Among the artists can be noted the following projects — Nordgroove, Thiam, Aminolen, Asa Taura, Paradeigma, Arctic Lightz, Decision Space, Plushka, Mr Peel, Ogi Feel the Beat, Surmachina and Samsara Inc.

The label brings people together, promotes experimental and downtempo music, helps musicians find their listener. All releases are distributed free of charge on our own resources and torrents, on social networks and partner music sites, as well as in mobile applications and streaming services. Cantroll does not publish music on physical media (vinyl / cassettes / disks), does not mastering and mixing. A label helps make an advertising campaign an album on the Internet. All our releases are distributed free of charge. We are the largest and most respected music label in Eastern Europe promoting trip-hop and downtempo music.

In addition, the label organizes its own events several times a year in different cities: both with the participation of the label’s residents and with reputable European bands. Among the projects, one can note the international trip-hop music festivals “Metagalaxy”, bringing together more than 30 teams from different cities and countries (for example: Iuno, Micatone, 9Lazy9, Hidden Orchestra, Arts The Beatdoctor, Skiggy Rapz, The Herbaliser, Sofa Surfers, Bugge Wesseltoft, Glen Porter, Elsiane, Flunk).

Cantroll holds various contests for its listeners. For example, it collects better-submitted author tracks into the annual compilation “Take a trip” and “Downtown”, conducts various thematic musical educational and entertaining rubrics. Tracks of Cantroll residents are heard in the background in podcasts, on YouTube bloggers, entertaining videos, various vlogs and reviews, as well as on videos from global and local brands.

The label appeared in 2008 in the city of Chelyabinsk. Founder: Mark Shishlev.


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